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Equal Housing Lending

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Who Can Join

Membership to WCCU is open to anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in the community of Harrison, Ohio. You are also eligible to join WCCU if one of your immediate family members are a currently a member.

If you work for one of the following companies, you are eligible to join WCCU, no matter where you live.

  • Crown Plastics
  • Mii - The Huck Group (Harrison, Ohio)
  • Cincinnati Test Systems

How To Join

Ready to open an account? Stop by our office and bring at least $5.00 and make sure you have at least 2 valid forms of ID. If you want a joint member listed, make sure they come with you and have their ID.

Why Join

Our primary purpose is to satisfy the financial needs of our members. Unlike a bank, a credit union is "member-owned" and operated by all of the individuals that utilize our financial products and services. Therefore, all excess earnings are returned to our members in the form of:

  • Lower interest rates on loans
  • Higher yield savings and investment accounts
  • The addition of valuable new products and services
Once you become a member of Whitewater Community Credit Union, you are a MEMBER FOR LIFE! Even if you relocate, change jobs or retire, you are always welcome as a member of our credit union family. Becoming a member of Whitewater Community Credit Union has many advantages and gives you access to a long list of convenient, money saving products and services.

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Contact Us

1157 Harrison Ave.
Harrison, OH 45030