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Equal Housing Lending

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Who Can Join

Membership at Vicksburg Railroad Credit Union is open to all employees and retirees of the ICRR, CNR, KCSRR, L&NWRR, and Vicksburg Southern Railroad; and groups having a common bond of association, occupation or residence within Warren County and adjacent counties and parishes that have been approved for inclusion in the field of membership by a majority vote of the board of directors; and their family members as defined by the board of directors. Currently such groups are: Medical Offices, Law Firms, Ergon and all schools operating in Vicksburg-Warren County (public, private and parochial).

Family members are currently defined by the board of directors to include spouses, children, parents, brothers, sisters, grandchildren, and grandparents; the employee's spouses' children, parents and grandparents.

How To Join

Joining Vicksburg Railroad Credit Union is easy! Simply complete a membership application, $6.00 is required to open your Share Account (basic savings account) and you will need to provide two forms of identification (Example: Driver's License and Social Security Card) to comply with the Patriot's Act.

Why Join

Our primary purpose is to satisfy the financial needs of our members. Unlike a bank, a credit union is "member-owned" and operated by all of the individuals that utilize our financial products and services. Therefore, all excess earnings are returned to our members in the form of:

  • Lower interest rates on loans
  • Higher yield savings and investment accounts
  • The addition of valuable new products and services
Once you become a member of Vicksburg Railroad Credit Union, you are a MEMBER FOR LIFE! Even if you relocate, change jobs or retire, you are always welcome as a member of our credit union family. Becoming a member of Vicksburg Railroad Credit Union has many advantages and gives you access to a long list of convenient, money saving products and services.

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Contact Us

2101 Cherry Street
Vicksburg, MS 39180